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What payment methods does AdInMo support?

Payment is made monthly as long as your balance is over US $100. If the balance due to you is less than US $100, we’ll hold payment until the amount due reaches US $100.
Payment is normally made via PayPal, but if you are unable to receive PayPal payments we support various forms of direct bank transfer. If you need more information on payout methods, please contact

How do I delete a game from my dashboard?

Contact us support@adinmo.com and we will do it for you.

How do I delete my AdInMo account?

Contact us support@adinmo.com and we will do it for you.

I want to use a different PayPal account as my payment method, how do I do this?

Contact us support@adinmo.com and we will do it for you.


What is the oldest version of Unity that is supported by the SDK?

Currently, the oldest Unity version we support is 2017.1.5f1.


I can’t find the AdInMo Manager prefab in my assets.

Try re-importing the AdInMo SDK, right click the ‘AdInMo’ folder in your assets and click ‘Reimport’.

If this does not resolve your issue, remove the AdInMo SDK from Unity and import it again by clicking ‘Assets’, ‘Import Package’ then ‘Custom Package’. Ensure all the items are selected in the window that appears and click import.


No advertisements appear when I run my game.

In Unity, ensure there are no spaces in the Game Key and Placement Key field.

It is important to use the Placement(s) for the Game you are running within Unity.

Make sure you have copied your Game Key and Placement Key correctly. You can find these keys through the Developer dashboard. Follow the steps outlined in our walkthrough, Creating a Game and Creating a Placement to find the correct information.


I can’t see the Inspector window in Unity.

From the main menu click ‘Window’, ‘General’ followed by ‘Inspector’ and this should make the inspector window appear.

I’m having issues with Unity/Unity Hub

If you are having issues with Unity and their services contact Unity support.

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