Got a question? If you don’t see your questions below, email us at support@adinmo.com

For support regarding our new developer portal, see below.


What payment methods does AdInMo support?

Payment is made monthly as long as your balance is over US $100. If the balance due to you is less than US $100, we’ll hold payment until the amount due reaches US $100.
Payment is normally made via PayPal, but if you are unable to receive PayPal payments we support various forms of direct bank transfer. If you need more information about payment methods, please contact support@adinmo.com.

Do you support both Android and iOS?

Yes, we support both. Many games use both Android and iOS as platforms.

I’ve integrated the AdInMo SDK into my game, what is the next step in the process/does AdInMo prepare the demand side of things?

Nothing else is required. Our demand will automatically switch on for the game as soon as it goes live.

Can I see more than just impression data on the portal?

Currently, we only expose the impression data.

I can’t see any impression data on the portal?

Impression data can take up to 24 hours to appear on the portal due to a delay. If, after this time you still cannot see impression data, please contact support.

How do I delete a game from my dashboard?

Contact us support@adinmo.com and we will do it for you.

How do I delete my AdInMo account?

Contact us support@adinmo.com and we will do it for you.


Will advertisements be age appropriate for my game?

Yes, our platform only delivers advertisements relevant to the age rating of your game. We never deliver advertisements for illegal products or services.

I want to use a different PayPal account as my payment method, how do I do this?

Contact us support@adinmo.com and we will do it for you.

An email associated with AdInMo belongs to an employee that has left. How do I switch the email to a current employee?

The current employee should create a new account on AdInMo. Afterwards, contact our support team at support@adinmo.com and include the following information: old email, new email, company name, a game example on the account. This may require further authentication.


What is the oldest version of Unity that is supported by the SDK?

Currently, the oldest Unity version we support is 2018.4.

Does AdInMo support app-ads.txt?

We do, in fact we highly recommend you implement it, you can find instructions on how to do this on our SDK page under ‘Fraud Management’.

I am receiving the error ‘No image data found for key pk_…’

Make sure you have the Adinmo Manager prefab in the root of your scene with your game key.
Both game key and placement must be entered correctly, no extra spaces, etc.

I can’t see any impressions for my game.

It is likely you have released your game as a development build. There are a couple of options for development build when using the AdInMo SDK with Unity:

– Under the AdinmoManager prefab, ensure the ‘Development Build‘ option is not checked when building for release.

– Unity Editor has its own development build under File, Build Settings. Ensure the ‘Development Build’ option is not checked when building for release.

If this does not resolve your issue please contact support here: support@adinmo.com.


I can’t find the AdInMo Manager prefab in my assets.

Try re-importing the AdInMo SDK, right click the ‘AdInMo’ folder in your assets and click ‘Reimport’.

If this does not resolve your issue, remove the AdInMo SDK from Unity and import it again by clicking ‘Assets’, ‘Import Package’ then ‘Custom Package’. Ensure all the items are selected in the window that appears and click import.

No advertisements appear when I run my game.

In Unity, ensure there are no spaces in the Game Key and Placement Key field and the keys have been copied correctly.
You can find these keys through the developer dashboard. Follow the steps outlined in our walkthrough for further information.

Ensure you are using the correct Placement(s) for the Game you created on our platform.

I can’t see the Inspector window in Unity.

From the main menu click ‘Window’, ‘General’ followed by ‘Inspector’ and this should make the inspector window appear.

I’m having issues with Unity/Unity Hub

If you are having issues with Unity and their services contact Unity support.

I need user consent for GDPR, what can I do?

The consent request has to come from you, in our SDK you can control if PI data is being collected using three methods in AdinmoManager:
  bool GetDataUseConsent()
  bool IsDataUseConsentSet()
  void SetDataUseConsent(bool consent)

These will let you control the data collected and used by AdInMo based on the consent.

Developer Portal

1. To start, click here to be taken to our new Sign Up page to begin the process.

2. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your new AdInMo Developer Portal Account. You can use your email or Google, but not both.

3. You’ll need to accept the Terms & Conditions (these have not changed) and complete the reCAPTCHA.

4. You will receive a verification email to finalise your portal account set up.

5. Once your account has been verified, you can sign in at portal.adinmo.com. You will not have automatic access to your games and revenue data and need to send us an email at support@adinmo.com from the email address you signed up with to complete the migration.

Set the subject to “New Portal Sign Up” and in the body include: your name, company, email address used on the new portal and email address used on the old portal (if it has changed) along with the name of one of your games.

See the example below:

6. Our support team will then link your new account to your existing data.

7. You may need to re-enter your PayPal email address. You can do this by going to your account page, under payment or click here.

8. That’s it you’re all set!

Q. Why have you launched a new portal?

A. The new portal has been designed with the user in mind making it much more intuitive and easier to navigate. It features a new dashboard and we will be continuing to add new features and improving the portal based on your feedback.

Q. Why do I have to sign up again?

A. The portal uses a new secure authentication provider and new sign up is required to not compromise the security of your data.

Q. Can I use the same email address and as the old portal?

A. Yes, you can sign up to the new portal using the same email address.

Q. Can I use the same or password as the old portal?

A. Yes as long it meets the password requirements. Although as a general rule we’d always recommend you don’t reuse passwords.
See this comic for why: https://xkcd.com/792/

Q. What are the new password requirements?

A. Passwords should have a minimum of eight characters including one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and one number. We recommend longer passwords that are easy to remember and not used elsewhere.
See this comic for why: https://xkcd.com/936/

Q. Can I signup with an email and password then login with Google?

A. No. Once you sign up you cannot change the method you login with.

Q. Can I sign up with Google then login using a username and password

A. No. Once you sign up you cannot change the method you login with.

Q. Why is my impressions data not loading in on the overview page?

A. Ensure any ad-blockers are disabled, if the issue persists please contact support: support@adinmo.com