Back-End Engineer:

This role is an excellent opportunity to join Team AdInMo and get experienced at fast-paced development in Rust as well as familiarise yourself with the exciting world of ad tech and game development.

You will design and implement major back-end subsystems, working closely with both the internal SDK development to provide the best APIs as well as demand teams to support ad operations and enable data insights to help Team AdInMo drive product decisions and ever greater data transparency.

Full-time: Remote (Europe)


  • You must have minimum 1-2 years of commercial experience coding in Rust (projects on GitHub are also welcome) as well as be proficient in at least one of the following languages: Javascript, Python, C#, C++.
  • Understanding of asynchronous programming concepts and experience working with Tokio runtime.
  • Experience in relational databases design (MySQL, PostgreSQL or similar).
  • Experience working with Big Data storages like Snowflake, Clickhouse, Vertica or similar
  • Experience in application memory profiling and performance optimization.
  • Experience with creating, testing, consuming, and supporting APIs for web services.
  • Understanding of software design patterns.
  • Ability to write clean, maintainable, and well-documented code.
  • Strong problem-solving and analytical skills.
  • Business proficiency in English (written and verbal)


    • Experience in developing high traffic systems.
    • Experience with Actix, Axum or similar Rust web framework would be advantageous.
    • Experience with sqlx, SeaORM.
    • Experience working with AWS.
    • Experience working with Redis, DynamoDB or similar NoSQL databases.
    • Experience working with React.

    Apply Now 

    Please email us your CV and include links to any publicly accessible code that you wrote, libraries you maintain, pull requests you’ve authored, or other means of proof of your coding skills and technical achievements.