Senior Back-End Engineer:

We are looking to fill this role to join as part of our adtech development team. This role is an excellent opportunity to get experienced at fast-paced development in Rust as well as familiarise yourself with the exciting world of game development in both Unity and Unreal.

You will design and implement major back-end subsystems, work closely with SDK team to provide the best APIs, enable data insights to help Team AdInMo drive product decisions and ever greater data transparency. You love to build things, hate long meetings and instead thrive on making an awesome product

Full-time: UK, Ukraine or Remote

Job Profile

  • You have a solid (5+ years) background in building back-ends, APIs, working with databases big and small, dealing with AWS services, analysing data, removing bottlenecks and scaling systems.
  • You are experienced in Rust or confident that you have enough knowledge to gain momentum quickly. 
  • You speak Python, comfortable scripting any operating system in any popular scripting language, eager to read C++, C#, and whatever other language you will encounter that communicates with your subsystems.
  • You are an independent thinker who is resourceful and comfortable working in an asynchronous manner and prepared to interject your longer-term work with urgent tasks, cool tweaks or emergency fixes.
  • You love (and hate) open-source, view dealing with an unknown technology as an exciting opportunity and forever curious about Functional Programming
  • Business proficiency in English (written and verbal)

Apply Now 

Please email us your CV and include links to any publicly accessible code that you wrote, libraries you maintain, pull requests you’ve authored, or other means of proof of your coding skills and technical achievements.