February Developer Shoutout

Feb 26, 2021 | Developer

Each month we want to give kudos to our developer community. Mobile games development is a fine balance between designing the best games, keeping players happy and paying the bills. We get it. These are the developers pioneering the use of immersive ads in their games and reaping the monetization uplift rewards. We salute you!

Bus Simulator Real

Studio: Shadow Mission Game
Genre: Simulaton
OS: Android

Tear up the roads in this fun Bus Simulator game from Shadow Mission Game. Set in India, whether you prefer city driving or hilltop views this game ticks all the boxes with maps based on real locations. 

Shadow Mission Game has placed its InGamePlay brand ads in logical locations e.g. roadside signs and billboards, but to further optimise monetization they also have an ad placement next to the steering wheel, which is visible at all times in the game, and can rack up impressions throughout the entire gameplay session. 

Gizmo VR Video Player

Studio: Gizmo VR
Genre: VR
OS: Android

The team from Gizmo VR have released its 360 Virtual Reality Player. Dive Deep and immerse yourself in the ocean with this mobile VR player or surf the web using its unique integrated browser. The InGamePlay brand ads are integrated into the immersive VR experience to ensure ads are non-interruptive.

Anime High School Girl Life 3D

Studio: DevOps Studio
Genre: Simulaton

The episodic storyline is a perfect way for DevOps Studio to monetize with InGamePlay brand advertising in this popular simulator game Anime High School in this popular simulator game. Attend classes and take part in sports activities whilst building your characters’ friendships in the game. Navigate the school to complete tasks and follow the story-line in this exciting new game by DevOps Studio.

Ads are seamlessly integrated in key locations e.g. where the player takes part in mini-games, guaranteeing that they will be seen as the player progresses through the game.


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