Quick Start

How it Works

AdInMo integration is simply a Unity texture replacement for advertisements. This process is controlled by you through our developer dashboard, where you can create Games and Placements to be integrated into your game.

Earning Money

AdInMo ad placements generate developer revenue on a CPM basis. For every valid impression, you will receive a CPM payout. Use the AdInMo SDK impression checker tool to confirm ad placements in your game are big enough to generate valid impressions and payouts.

Payment is made monthly via PayPal, as long as your balance is over US $100. If the balance due to you is less than US $100, we’ll hold payment until the amount due reaches US $100.

Getting Started

Use AdInMo SDK to bring advertisements to your games through Unity. Using a developer account you have access to the developer dashboard to manage your Games and Placements. 

New to AdInMo? Follow our walkthrough that takes you through all the necessary steps to get advertisements into your game. Our guides are simple and easy to follow with no coding required.


Follow our documentation walkthrough that will take you through all the necessary steps to implement AdInMo SDK. We have a video tutorial to demonstrate the process from start to finish.


Our advanced features are for developers who want more functionality with the AdInMo SDK in their games. Find the advanced section in our walkthrough.

Aspect Ratio

AdInMo SDK supports five different aspect ratios. Each of which is in the diagram below as a guide.