Brand Safety Policy

Jul 21, 2020

As IP owners ourselves, AdInMo is fully committed to providing a brand-safe in-game advertising channel that advertisers can trust. We have a multi-layered approach to ensure the safety and quality of campaign delivery across the AdInMo in-game inventory. 

In addition to partnerships with leading verification companies, AdInMo implements verifications on both a campaign and network-wide level to combat fraudulent traffic and guarantee brand safety.

We also comply with the standards of the Coalition for Better Ads ( and Trustworthy Accountability Group (

The steps AdInMo takes to protect your brand are outlined below.

AdInMo’s Process

App Store Verification

The first line of defense is checks and reviews that every game in the AdInMo network has gone through by one or more of the app stores:

Apple: App Store

Google: Play

Facebook: Oculus

Steam: Steam Store

Developer & Publisher Onboarding

AdInMo’s own Developer Success team is our next step in the vetting process. We are extremely protective of our premium advertisers and thus have strict terms and conditions that developers and publishers must meet in order to be approved as an AdInMo inventory source.

AdInMo Account Managers are tasked with monitoring our publishers’ and developers’ games to ensure their content and gameplay adheres to our guidelines. Additionally, we conduct regular audits with market leaders in online media verification to ensure the quality of our inventory.

PEGI & ESRB Age Classification

Depending on the geography, app stores through which AdInMo games are available use either the ESRB or PEGI age classification systems. AdInMo reviews the content, ad placement, and ESRB or PEGI rating of the games we work with to ensure game content is in line with our advertising and content guidelines.

Age ratings are:


ESRB: ESRB E, E10, T, M, A

Campaigns can be set to a specific age rating, so that they are only displayed to those ages or older.

Block Lists, White Lists 

Block lists and White lists are rigorously enforced by AdInMo. Each publisher and advertiser is able to enable or disable campaigns based on specific age ratings, and brand and game segments.

Takedown Policy

If a possible brand safety breach has occurred please contact AdInMo at with your request. For notifications received during normal working hours, AdInMo will take down misplaced ads within 4 hours. During weekends or holidays, AdInMo will take down misplaced ads within 24 hours.

Self-serve publishers are able to pause the delivery of the ads immediately by logging in to the AdInMo dashboard.