Attention & Engagement

 In-game advertising is at the forefront of enabling the attention economy for advertisers. Non-intrusive formats create authentic brand experiences and new ways for brand advertisers to engage with new audiences. On average InGamePlay campaigns generate up to 5 mins of Brand Interaction Time per player session, delivering better engagement for brand advertisers.

Viewability Measurement

In-game ads have high viewability as the non-intrusive ad units are seamlessly served as part of gameplay.  

Standard measurement of viewability of an emerging format is essential so everyone is measuring viewed impressions in the same way. They recognise the unique environment and aspects of in-game formats and help level the playing field so everyone is talking and crucially reporting viewed impressions in the same way.

AdInMo is part of an international taskforce that helped develop guidelines for in-game measurement in a joint collaboration between IAB, IAB Tech Lab, and the Media Rating Council (MRC). The published guidelines recognises the unique 2D and 3D environments of and aspects on in-game formats.

Define a valid impression taking into consideration sight, sound, and motion, as well as 3D and virtual environments.

Incorporate new advertising formats beyond two-dimensional and video as it relates to viewability within in-game environments.

Define in-game measurement terms (impressions, reach / frequency, and engagement) to align with broader cross-channel measurement efforts.

Attention & Engagement Metrics

While the ability to measure and crucially compare viewability is important, gaming environments offer much more in the attention economy. Intrinsic in-game ads utilize 100% of gameplay, not just interstitial moments.  Average play session is 5 – 20 minutes drive higher brand impact and enriches the available attention and engagement metrics.

PlayerDwellTime measurement

Impact tracking

Brand uplift studies