Integrated InGamePlay

Immersive in-game ads drive incremental revenues and improve the player experience because they don’t interrupt gameplay. Our single SDK supports multi-format placements including audio, display, video and rewarded. AdInMo utilizes 100% of your ad placements to maximize player LTV by supporting user aquisition, player retention, and IAP monetization. Rethink your in-game strategy today.

Monetize with InGamePlay Brand Ads

Incremental Revenue

Increase your ARPDAU by 10% – 20% while improving the player experience



Easy Integration

Drag & drop placements. Works alongside existing monetization SDKs

Hybrid Monetization

Promote IAPs to the right player at the right time in-game to increase your IAP monetization and make the ads feel a part of gameplay.


Use in-game ad placements to promote other games in your portfolio as part of your retention strategy.

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Encourages players to spend more time in-game and increase retention and ad monetization.



AdInMo’s SDK supports Unity and Unreal game engines for both Android and iOS as well as Windows (PC). It is fully optimized for mobile; performant and lightweight with choice & control optimization tools.

AdInMo Developer Portal

Optiomize in-game placements, check performance dashboards and manage your own campaigns.

Standard Ad Formats

Display and video ads available in multiple ratios mapped to populate IAB ad sizes.