New monetization.

No interruption.

75% players prefer InGamePlay ads over rewarded videos and interstitials. Improve the player experience with brand advertising that drives incremental monetization for all mobile game genres. Click-free ad placements with multiple aspect ratios provide full creative control and do not interrupt gameplay or impact player retention.

Monetize your mobile game


Increase ARPDAU by 15 – 25%.  AdInMo’s in-game advertising SDK works alongside your existing monetization partners.

Player Retention

Ads are click-free. Seamlessly integrate ad placements directly into your game design without impacting player immersion. Players keep playing your game.

Game Performance

It only takes a few minutes to integrate our lightweight SDK which is fully optimized for all Android and iOS Smartphones for Unity & Unreal development.

Choice and Control

Developer tools give transparency, choice & control when placing InGamePlay ads

InGamePlay Brand Ads

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