We’re hiring!

AdInMo was founded to make in-game advertising better for everyone developers, advertisers and, most importantly, players. Join us on our journey to make InGamePlay scale globally. We’re a distributed global team and fully embrace today’s remote working world. We have a virtual office called AdInMo Towers in Gather.town. As much as we love our office which includes a bar for our weekly happy hour and a meat room (don’t ask), we also meet up in person at industry events, at our HQ in beautiful Edinburgh, Scotland and bring together the entire Team AdInMo in the annual company retreat.

We hire people who share our passion, want to develop their careers in adtech and help our business grow. We strive to foster continuous learning whilst making sure work life is also fun and promote a culture where everyone can be themselves.
Onboarding to Team AdInMo includes:

Choosing your preferred equipment

Adding your top three songs to AdInMix Playlist

Answering the key onboarding question: Cat or Dog (you can’t be both)

Getting up to speed with the latest release schedule named after Atari Classics

Coordinated induction programme so you get to meet everyone in Team AdInMo

Senior Business Development Manager – Demand

Senior Business Development Manager - Demand: In-game advertising is enjoying accelerated adoption with new industry standards helping propel this exciting new ad format to become part of the standard programmatic media buying mix. This role will help scale our in-game advertising demand to deliver advertiser revenues and manage buy-side partnerships. Well-connected and passionate about ad...

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Back-End Engineer

Back-End Engineer: This role is an excellent opportunity to join Team AdInMo and get experienced at fast-paced development in Rust as well as familiarise yourself with the exciting world of game development in both Unity and Unreal. You will design and implement major back-end subsystems, working closely with both the internal SDK development to provide the best APIs as well as demand teams to...

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InSideInGameInSights with Tiffany Keller

Episode 1 of our shiny new industry insight series, InSideInGameInSights is out now!  Each month Team AdInMo will be chatting to gaming and advertising experts about their expert experiences and views on ever-evolving the digital advertising and monetization...

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Why mobile games are the contextual key

Mobile games can help advertisers in a post-cookie era with a richness of behavioural data and contextual targeting. Our VP Programmatic Yasin Dabhelia explores why.  Gaming has taken the entertainment industry by storm and mobile gaming, in particular, has emerged as...

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AdInMo Developer Shoutout

Mobile games development is a fine balance between creating the best games for players and paying the bills. We get it. Here’s our regular check in on some of the latest developers doing just that by increasing monetization while improving the game experience with...

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