Stay relevant in-game

Advertisers must address changing content consumption patterns and media trends. Games grow and diversify audience reach and intrinsic in-game advertising drive outstanding attention and engagement metrics.

We take a privacy-first approach to target the right audiences with contextual and behavioural targeting. Our cross-genre inventory supports audio, display and video ads that do not interrupt the game, driving higher viewability and attention. InGamePlay ensures your campaign delivers an authentic experience that engages players and drives better outcomes. Available programmatically and as a managed service.

InGamePlay Advertising

Immersive Formats

– Audio
– Display
– Rich Media
– Video


Diverse Audiences

Reach different player personas with enriched contextual and behavioural targeting.


Easy Activation

IAB standard creatives. Programmatic, Direct or Managed Service. 

Attention Metrics

Advanced measurement and reporting including Dwell Time and Brand Interaction Minutes.


Access the world’s biggest gaming audience:

Make In-Game part of your Media Plan

In-game ads that are targetable, measurable and viewable served programmatically at scale.

Compliant with IAB’s In-Game Measurement Guidelines.

Brand safety controls and trusted third party fraud detection partners.

Case Studies

Health Foods

Pet Service

Snack Foods


Soft Drinks

News & Insights

AdInMo launches InGamePlay SDK 3.0 with Clickable Ad Units

AdInMo launches InGamePlay SDK 3.0 with Clickable Ad Units

Team AdInMo are excited to announced the beta release of its InGamePlay SDK 3.0. InGamePlay 3.0 builds on AdInMo’s existing tech stack which offers multi-format non-interruptive immersive advertising. The latest SDK launches clickable in-game ad unitsdesigned with the...

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Introducing Immersive In-Game Audio Ads

Introducing Immersive In-Game Audio Ads

In the fast-evolving landscape of digital advertising, innovative and non-intrusive formats are becoming increasingly sought after by both brands and developers. InGamePlay audio ads are available as an exciting new feature of our latest SDK release.  In this video...

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