Our Story

Game developers and players have a longstanding love-hate relationship about ads in games: If you want to play great free games then advertising is an accepted necessary evil.

But we don’t think it has to be that way.

Firstly, we can’t stand clicks. Why. why. why  does anyone think it’s OK to interrupt you in the middle of a gameplay session? ‘One moment please, we know you’re busy solving that tricky puzzle or fighting the big boss because it’s now time for a commercial break. Seriously? How can that be a good games or brand experience??

AdInMo was founded in 2017 in the home of games development Austin, Texas with one clear ambition: to make the ad monetization experience in games less sh*t… In 2020, we set up our HQ in Edinburgh, Scotland, the data capital of Europe to unlock the true potential of personalized in-game advertising for players, developers and advertisers alike.

Our guiding principles are:

  1. Keep players playing
  2. Give developers more choice & control
  3. Privacy-first data helps advertisers reach their intended audiences

We’re glad IDFA was deprecated. We can’t wait for cookies to finally disappear. Really.

Data is at the heart of our in-game advertising ad monetization platform, but it’s not about tracking, it’s about creating relevant experiences. Because everyone is their own (player) persona.  You might be the biggest FPS fanboy, a so-called whale, metaverse influencer or a hyper casual commuter but… you might also like dogs and hate cats.

AdInMo’s data journey started with contextual targeting. Mapping behavioural data and proprietary in-game signals, our machine learning and AI capabilities will create the ultimate PlayerPersonaFramework and a truly player-first in-game brand advertising experience; making games the go to media channel for brand advertisers.

So that’s why We Love Games.


Team AdInMo is an international team of games, mobile and adtech specialists. This is across the engineering, data, supply & demand and ad ops sub-teams.

We like cool tech (a lot).

  • We love games.
  • We’re on a mission to revolutionise ad monetization

We are a fully remote working team and our virtual office is called AdInMo Towers which is based in Gather.Town. It’s stacked to the rafters with cats and dogs, is home to our Friday Happy Hour bar and helps us connect across timezones and Zoom-like-barriers.

Onboarding to Team AdInMo includes

  • Getting whatever equipment you prefer i.e. Apple or PC… very similar to the key onboarding question: Cat or Dog (you can’t be both)
  • Talk to everyone (yes everyone) within the first two weeks of joining
  • Contribute your top three songs to AdInMix playlist

Read more about what it’s like to be part of Team AdInMo here.

Our Company

AdInMo was co-founded by Kristan Rivers and Mike Panoff. Our senior management team has 50+ years of mobile games experience – together they launched the first-ever mobile games publisher and worked with the likes of Paramount Pictures, Electronic Arts, Namco Bandai and Capcom, developed the first MMO to go mobile and launched the first data analytics company for gaming. When it comes to adtech the senior team and advisors have design and rolled out new formats from video to native for the likes of Viacom, InMobi and MGID.

Read more about them here.

Our investors include Par Equity, Scottish Enterprise, Sputnix ATX and Techstart Ventures as well as angel investors Chris Wright (co-founder of deltaDNA now part of Unity) and Preston Rabl (co-founder of global advertising giant WPP).

Our advisory committee….