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How do I make money?

AdInMo ad placements generate developer revenue on a CPM basis. For every valid impression, you will receive a CPM payout. Use the AdInMo SDK impression checker tool to confirm ad placements in your game are big enough to generate valid impressions and payouts.

When do I get paid?

Payments are monthly as long as your balance is over $100. If the balance due to you is less than US $100, we’ll hold payment until the amount due reaches US $100.

What payment methods does AdInMo support?

Payment is via PayPal, as long as your balance is over US $100. . 

If you don’t have Paypal account and want to discuss alternative payment methods, please contact

Do you support both Android and iOS?

Yes, we support both. Many games use both Android and iOS as platforms.

What is the next step in the process once I have integrated the AdInMo SDK into my game?

Nothing else is required. Our demand will automatically switch on for the game as soon as it goes live.

Can I see more than just impression data on the portal?

Yes, on the Performance page on the portal you can view revenue, impressions and other information for your games.

Why can’t I see any impression data on the portal?

Impression data can take up to 24 hours to appear on the portal due to a delay. If, after this time you still cannot see impression data, please contact

How do I delete a game or placement?

To delete a game, go to either the overview page or game list and click the bin icon next to the game you wish to delete. Note this will also remove the placements associated with this game.

To delete a placement, go to the game you wish to delete placements for. On the placement list, click the bin icon next to the placement you wish to delete.


How do I delete my AdInMo account?

Contact us and we will do it for you.

Will advertisements be age appropriate for my game?

Yes, our platform only delivers advertisements relevant to the age rating of your game. We never deliver advertisements for illegal products or services.

An email associated with AdInMo belongs to an employee that has left. How do I switch the email to a current employee?

The current employee should firstly create a new account and then contact to request account transfer including the following information:

– old email address

– new email address

– company name

– game example on the account.

This may require further authentication.


What is the oldest version of Unity that is supported by the SDK?

Currently, the oldest Unity version we support is 2018.4.

How do I get my data onto the new portal?

Follow our guide here, that takes you through the steps required to move your data over.

Does AdInMo support app-ads.txt?

We do and recommend all our developers to implement app-ads.txt to help combat ad fraud and improve your monetization (avoid your game being blocked!), you can find more information here.

I can’t see any impression data for my game.

Check if you have released your game as a development build. There are a couple of options for development build when using the AdInMo SDK with Unity:

– Under the AdinmoManager prefab, ensure the ‘Development Build‘ option is not checked when building for release.

– Unity Editor has its own development build under File, Build Settings. Ensure the ‘Development Build’ option is not checked when building for release.

If this does not resolve your issue please contact

I can’t find the AdInMo Manager prefab in my assets.

Re-import the AdInMo SDK, right click the ‘AdInMo’ folder in your assets and click ‘Reimport’.

If this does not resolve your issue, remove the AdInMo SDK from Unity and import it again by clicking ‘Assets’, ‘Import Package’ then ‘Custom Package’. Ensure all the items are selected in the window that appears and click import.

No advertisements appear when I run my game or I receive ‘No Image data’ warning in Unity console.

In Unity, ensure the Game and Placement keys have been copied correctly and your game is set to ‘live’ on the portal.

Make sure you have the Adinmo Manager prefab in the root of your scene with your game key.

If the issue persists, please contact

I’m having issues with Unity/Unity Hub.

If you are having issues with Unity and their services contact Unity support.

I need user consent for GDPR, what can I do?

The consent request has to come from you. You can control if personal data is being collected using three methods via the SDK’s AdinmoManager:

  bool GetDataUseConsent()

  bool IsDataUseConsentSet()

  void SetDataUseConsent(bool consent)

These will let you control the data collected and used by AdInMo and ensure it is based on consent.