AdInMo Developer Shoutout

Jan 25, 2023

Mobile games development is a fine balance between creating the best games for players and paying the bills. We get it. Here’s our regular check in on some of the latest developers doing just that by increasing monetization while improving the game experience with immersive in-game ads. We salute you!

Studio: Unico Studio
Genre: Simulation
OS: Android/IOS

Life Choices

Life Choices is a fun, interactive life simulation game filled with surprises. There are more than 1000 choices for pliers  to make as they shape their characters’ lives and decide their fates. Start from the beginning as a baby and grow into an old person. 

Unico has cleverly located InGamePlay ads on the option screens where players are required to choose their answers,  capitalising on all the view time the player spends deciding on their next choice. The ads are framed as photos that blend into the background layer.

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Studio: Cerebellum Apps
Genre: Driving Simulation
OS: Android

Car Real Simulator

This is a driving simulator game with a large open world map where you can customize and race the fastest, coolest cars in the world, jumping over radars and driving with precision in parkour challenges. 

Car Real Simulator adopts a classic in-game ad integration that fits perfectly with the racing game genre. InGamePlay ads appear on billboards throughout the racetrack generating consistent impressions that look native to the core gameplay. 

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Studio: Mad Hook
Genre: Runner
OS: Android/IOS

Rooftop Run

Rooftop Run is a fast paced, parkour and freestyle running game. Players combine rolling, running, jumping, and sliding from one point to another to overcome challenges (mixed with football balls!) all over rooftops.

InGamePlay ads have been imaginatively placed in various locations. Appearing on the sides of buildings, on billboards and even hovering in the air,  the ads are both visible and relevant at all times. 


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