AdInMo Developer Shoutout

Apr 21, 2023

Mobile games development is a fine balance between creating the best games for players and paying the bills. We get it. Here’s our regular check in on some of the latest developers doing just that by increasing monetization while improving the game experience with immersive in-game ads. We salute you!

Studio: Itatake
Genre: Casual
OS: Android/iOS


Gumslinger is a casual mobile game where players control different gum characters and engage in shootouts with other gum characters in various environments. The game features a unique art style, easy-to-learn gameplay mechanics and different gum characters with unique abilities.

Itatake has been monetizing with AdInMo’s in-game advertising for over 12 months now. Their InGamePlay ads are clearly positioned on billboards generating great PlayerDwellTime whilst the player takes the time to master each challenge. The Swedish based developer is now also using our CrossPromo to promote their portfolio in a non-interruptive way.

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Studio: T-Bull
Genre: Racing
OS: Android

Moto Rider GO: Highway Traffic

T-Bull has created an addictive racing simulator game with a satisfying gameplay experience and lots of ultimate moto-vehicles to suit any taste. The game combines smooth driving simulations, detailed high-quality graphics, and intense traffic racing action.

Mid-core racing titles typically generate above average PlayerDwellTime and T-Bull has created in-game ad placements around the gas station, where players spend a lot of time in the game. The rotation of the camera effect means the ad placements are also rotated in the background. Placements look native to the core gameplay and are optimized for monetization. 

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Studio: Shanab Games
Genre: Simulator
OS: Android/iOS

Grand – قراند

If you love GTA then this game is worth exploring. Grand – قراند  is an open world city style game, packed with missions and police pursuits. 

InGamePlay ads appear throughout the city settings and blend into their environments to create a non-interruptive integration that keeps the player immersed in the gameplay. As the player progresses through the game at different speeds the InGamePlay ads have excellent viewability and enhance the game’s aesthetics and boost monetization.

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