AdInMo Developer Shoutout

Jul 21, 2023

Mobile games development is a fine balance between creating the best games for players and paying the bills. We get it. Here’s our regular check in on some of the latest developers doing just that by increasing monetization while improving the game experience with immersive in-game ads. We salute you!

Studio: Wizard Games
Genre: Shooter
OS: Android/iOS

Monetizing with in-game ads via the Amazon App Store, is a pvp survival shooter game where players race to collect XP and be the first to level-up as quickly as possible

Shooter games can pose developers some challenges when integrating in-game advertising. Players are constantly moving around their environments at speed and often never repeat the same route on a map. However, in, developer Wizard Games has cleverly positioned InGamePlay ads on billboards throughout the battlegrounds and the ads look great in the blocky art style environments.

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Studio: The Game Storm
Genre: Simulator
OS: Android

City Bus Simulator Bus Games

In this bus simulator game players take the role of a bus driver and navigate through various city scapes completing tasks. 

Simulation games have fantastic environments for in-game advertising, bringing Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) ads to the digital streets. The camera views also generate higher player attention measured by PlayerDwellTime than other genres. The Game Storm Studios has cleverly chosen to place their InGamePlay ads on top of buses making the ads consistently visible to the player and maximizing monetization. 

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Studio: Tnodes
Genre: Simulator
OS: Android/iOS

Police Duty: Crime Fighter

In Police Duty: Crime Fighter, players engage in high speed police pursuits to rid the streets of Vegas City from crime. Tnodes uses quality 3D gameplay and background sound effects to help immerse the player into their realistic environments. 

InGamePlay ads are integrated natively on billboards and buildings across  the city – just as they would appear in real life. The in-game ads create incremental revenue without being interruptive to the player who remains immersed in the gameplay.

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