AdInMo Developer Shoutout

May 31, 2024

Check out these top-notch mobile games that are turning in-game advertising into an art form! 

InGamePlay integrations from NOXGAMES, Promotion Software and Smokoko are visual proof ads can actually enhance gameplay, as well as providing incremental revenue.  Let’s dive in and discover how smart in-game ads transform mobile games into a triple-win scenario for players, developers, and advertisers.

Studio: Smokoko Ltd
Genre: Racing
OS: Android/iOS

RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme

High-speed racing with SMOKOKO LTD’s RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme is a fantastic example of in-game advertising design perfection 

Watch the seamless integration of InGamePlay ads in two strategic placements. First, as billboards around the race track, just like you’d see in a real-life race. These ads don’t disrupt the fast-paced gameplay, but actually add to the immersive experience 

And second when you reach the end of a level the ads match the pace of the game slowing for the player to navigate the menu options. Perfect for higher PlayerDwellTime and brand engagement 

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Genre: Shooter
OS: Android/iOS

Robot Merge Master

Hyper casual merge game, Robot Merge Master, is a great example of how in-game ads engage with players’ experience without disrupting gameplay.

InGamePlay ads blend seamlessly into NOXGAMES s.r.o.‘s vibrant 3D environments as billboards inside the battle arena. The ads highly visible during combat, generating high dwell time and brand interaction 

Learn more about PlayerDwellTime

Studio: Promotion
Genre: Simulator
OS: Android/iOS

Emergency HQ

Emergency HQ is an adrenaline-fueled, firefighter and rescue simulation game that combines excitement and strategic challenges. 

Simulation games are fantastic environments for in-game advertising, bringing Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) ads to the digital streets. The team at Promotion Software have cleverly placed InGamePlay ads as rooftop billboards. The camera views generate higher player attention measured by PlayerDwellTime whilst also blending immersively to enhance the gameplay. 

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