AdInMo Interviews | Enric Pedró – Tilting Point

Jul 15, 2022

Earlier this year we co-hosted the Pocket Gamer Mobile Monetiser Summit packed with expert insights on future-proofing game monetization strategies.

We caught up with Enric Pedró, VP of Growth at Tilting Point where he’d been speaking on stage about looking beyond traditional advertising to ask him about his views on the future of in-game advertising.

What makes a winning monetization strategy?

The best monetization strategy largely depends on the size of your team and the expertise available. 

Smaller studios benefit from utilizing the services of big mediation providers, e.g Applovin, Google, etc.  However, for developers looking beyond traditional methods, it’s definitely beneficial to add newer formats such as audio and in-game ads into the monetization mix.

At what point in a game’s development should you begin thinking about monetization?

At the beginning! For developers with a minimal marketing budget, early game monetization is vital to support a game’s growth during its early stages of release. “You could have the best game ever but you need to first get discovered”. 

Is in-game advertising an effective way to boost game revenue?

“In-game advertising is a necessary evil in order for a game to survive.” According to Enric, in an ideal world a developer would be able to survive predominantly with in game purchases. But“most [players] won’t want to spend a dime”  so the need for ad monetization to boost revenue is vital to enable a developer to leverage all audiences and “make some money from them”.

Watch the full video interview here.


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