AdInMo pioneers first ever Rewarded InGamePlay Ads with fintech partner ZBD

Oct 11, 2023

Partnership opens up an exciting new monetization world of benefits for both players and developers of mobile games and raises the bar with its immersive in-game ad formats and rewarded adtech solution

We delighted to announce our technology partnership with ZBD, a leading fintech company that offers instant Bitcoin rewards for gamers and developers. The groundbreaking partnership means for the first time players can be rewarded for viewing immersive display and video ads in-game. 

AdInMo’s InGamePlay brand ads are placed directly into gameplay generating non-interruptive revenue for hundreds of developers while enhancing the player experience. Now, developers and publishers can share In-Game ad revenue generated with their players in the form of small amounts of real Bitcoin powered by ZBD’s Bitcoin Lightning technology. AdInMo’s Rewarded InGamePlay ads fuse popular reward monetization mechanics with innovative in-game formats to further increase player engagement and retention. 

Kristan Rivers, Co-Founder and CEO of AdInMo said: “We’re always looking for ways to innovate while delivering our core purpose of enhancing player experience. Rewarded ad formats are an established part of hybrid monetization loved by players and driving excellent revenue for developers. Combining in-game brand experiences and player rewards is a world-first.” 

“ZBD understands the nuances of the games ecosystem and we’re excited to work with them to bring the first release of AdInMo’s powerful new monetization format, Rewarded InGamePlay to market. With happy, rewarded players the gaming audience is also more valuable to advertisers in terms of attention and engagement. As always at AdInMo it’s a win-win-win,” says Kristan. 

Square Enix’s Ludo Zenith experienced an 82% increase in ARPDAU after integrating ZBD rewards, while Fumb Games’ Bitcoin Miner increased its day 30 user retention by more than 10x. Working with AdInMo, ZBD can now extend its focus to rewarding player attention to the gameplay itself, rather than during breaks in play, broadening its existing approach to supporting mobile games monetization and retention.

The new format is already available to participants of AdInMo’s developer community beta programme. As part of AdInMo’s existing SDK, no additional integration is required.  Developers can simply choose to enable Bitcoin rewards for their titles and how they want to share the revenues with their players. The core game experience is completely unaffected: rewards are funded directly from viewing in-game ads.

“The goal of ZBD has always been to help drive improved performance for the games industry, an industry we love. We’re very excited that our first deep integration directly into in-game advertising technology is with a partner that shares our values and offers ads that are completely unobtrusive and which do not interrupt players as they’re enjoying the game,” said Ben Cousens, Chief Strategy Officer at ZBD.” 

“The model of rewarding players with a share of ad revenue is driving phenomenal success for all of our partners. This is the future of free to play engagement. Our partnership with AdInMo streamlines this approach by linking rewards directly into the ads themselves in real-time, a material step-change in this net-positive disruption for games developers.”


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