AdInMo SDK: Placement Settings

Jul 20, 2022

Ads that are part of the gameplay solve the biggest monetization problems: immersion and retention, but we also get it’s just as important to maintain the game’s authenticity.

As with any monetization method, InGamePlay best practice requires a balance between monetization and creative control. AdInMo’s Placement Setting tools allow you to tailor InGamePlay ad placements more precisely to your own vision of how ads should be presented to your players. Beyond the initial design decision of where to place an ad, its size, and its location, there are a range of features available to give you more choice and control on a per-placement basis.

Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio you choose controls how your ad appears visually in your game and influences monetization potential. Aspect ratios are divided into three tiers:

Priority Aspect Ratios:

These are the aspect ratios which are most common for advertisers in terms of standard creative and deliver the highest monetization potential 

 Additional Aspect Ratios:

This set of ratios are a great option when you need to fill a specifically-sized space, and the size you need isn’t represented by a Priority aspect ratio.

Unsupported Aspect Ratios:

These aspect ratios do not map to popular ad creatives. They are available to use in the SDK to give you design choice & control but from a monetization potential we recommend you stick to the other tiers. These ratios can be useful when your game requires a very specific shape, and are a good option for non-monetised cross-promotions. 

Placement Fit

This setting determines the range of paid ads sizes that your placement will accept. The looser a placement’s Placement Fit setting, the greater the revenue potential. There is of course a visual trade-off here, but for ads in large open spaces, or ads with simple framing devices, visual impact is minimal, whereas the upsides can be high. This feature is designed to help you balance creative control and monetization.

Background Settings

These settings work in tandem with the Placement Fit settings described above. When an ad smaller than your placement is delivered, a letterboxing effect is applied to fill in the excess space, and the Background Settings feature lets you adjust its appearance in a number of ways. 

Calculated Colour automatically chooses a colour for the letterboxing based on the average RGB value of the delivered ad, while Fixed Colour lets you choose a colour for your letterboxing that will remain constant during play. The Shrink to Fit feature reduces the size of your placement, and up to one parent object, down to match the size of the delivered ad.

Cycle Extension Time

This setting gives you control over the time it takes for a new ad to be shown to the player after a valid impression is made. Cycle Extension Time is the period of time an ad appears on screen after a valid impression has been counted and before the next ad is shown. The minimum time is four seconds and this feature enables you to extend the period up to 30 seconds to match your gameplay. For example, maybe you want less frequent visual changes on screen, or maybe you want to delay the change so a particular framing device makes sense; these options allow you to do that. 

The Placement Settings tools are all about adjusting, balancing and optimizing. When adjusted together they can give you a huge amount of control over the appearance and performance of each of your placements.

For more advice on how to make your placement settings look great and deliver more revenue, watch the AdInMo Design Guide video on Placement Settings below.


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