AdInMo & Usercentrics consent management partnership accelerates European in-game monetization

Nov 30, 2023

Developer case study on consent implementation highlights significant uplift across key monetization metrics CPMs, fill rate and ARPDAU.

We’ve just published the first results of our joint industry education programme with Consent Management Platform (CMP) Usercentrics to help mobile game publishers and developers understand the potential uplift and impact of best practice consent on in-game advertising monetization in Europe.

The case study was conducted in partnership with Finland-based Black Smoke Studios over a six week period. Black Smoke integrated the Usercentrics CMP in its game The Wanderer – Project Survival to pass consent to AdInMo’s InGamePlay SDK and make it compliant with advertisers’ requirements to collect consent in accordance with IAB’s Transparency and Consent Framework. Within two weeks AdInMo was able to open significant new in-game demand across Europe. 

The game saw increases across all monetization metrics with a mammoth 377% increase in Average Revenue Per Daily Active User (ARPDAU), a 62% increase in the effective cost per thousand impressions (eCPM) and a 19% increase in fill rate. 

83% of players provided their consent to pass basic personal data such as IP address and this increased The Wanderer’s monetization so much it now makes more revenue from in-game advertising than it does from banner ads.

AdInMo’s co-founder and CEO Kristan Rivers said, “We are constantly innovating to deliver better experiences for developers and players and always looking to partner with companies who share the same goal.

“Black Smoke’s results clearly show there is an immediate benefit for developers to use a CMP because it makes the players and ad traffic much more valuable for our brand advertising partners. The fact that Google recently mandated that from 16 January 2024 all publishers are required to use a CMP that has integrated with IAB’s TCF when serving ads to users in Europe means the clock is now ticking for publishers.” 

Usercentrics Director of Product Management, Valerio Sudrio said, “The importance of privacy has grown beyond compliance. Brand advertisers simply won’t advertise in non-compliant games. They are willing to pay higher eCPMs for access to consented data, but mobile game publishers and ad networks face challenges in unlocking this  major monetization opportunity. Forward-thinking game developers understand how smart consent can yield significant benefits.”

Black Smoke Studios CEO Dean Day said, “I’m already big fan of immersive ad formats from a player experience perspective and now we know boring old privacy is the monetization unlock, then we’re excited to see continued growth and more premium brand advertisers come on board.”


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