About app-ads.txt

App-ads.txt help the programmatic ecosystems combat ad fraud, and prevents fraudsters pretending to be your game and taking your advertising money. The app-ads.txt mechanism was designed by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) to allow app developers and publishers to identify themselves as the legitimate owner of the app. It is a mandatory requirement of monetizing your games programmatically.

How to implement app-ads.txt

Existing app-ads.txt file:

  • Add our details to your existing one. 

Non-existing app-ads.txt file:

  •  Download the latest app-ads.txt file from the main page of AdInMo’s developer portal 
  • Add app-ads.txt to the root directory of your website so it can be viewed by all of AdInMo’s demand partners. The root directory of your website or the web root is the folder where the index.html file is stored and is publicly accessible. If you don’t have a developer website or your hosting company doesn’t give you root access, you can host the file on a third party platform.
  • Add your app-ads.txt URL to your company details on the developer portal, so we can verify it. The URL should look something like this:

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