About app-ads.txt is a way of helping to combat fraud by stopping companies pretending to be your app and taking your advertising money. The app-ads.txt mechanism was designed by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) to allow app developers/publishers to identify themselves as the legitimate owner of the app. This helps to stop fraud and will allow AdInMo to generate more money for you. We strongly encourage you to implement this as soon as possible.

How to implement app-ads.txt

Existing app-ads.txt file:

  • Add our details to your existing one. 

Non-existing app-ads.txt file:

  • Ensure that your google play or apple app store has your developer url filled in. This must be the same URL that will serve the app-ads.txt file.
  • Ensure your web server can serve your developer url as plain text.
  • Place the app-ads.txt file provided in the root directory of your website.
  • must serve the app-ads.txt as plain text and you should replace with your own URL.

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