April Developer Shoutout

Apr 30, 2021 | Developer

Each month we want to give kudos to our developer community. Mobile games development is a fine balance between designing the best games, keeping players happy and paying the bills. We get it. These are the developers pioneering the use of immersive ads in their games and reaping the monetization uplift rewards. We salute you!

Umpire’s Call

Studio: Impact Unified
Genre: Sport
OS: Android & IOS

Umpire’s Call is a perfect showcase of how InGamePlay ads can authentically fit in a sports game. The game is a unique twist on the standard cricket game, where the player takes on the role of the umpire. The ads placed on billboards around the ground blend seamlessly into the game environment and add to the atmosphere Impact Unified wants to create. As their CSO Hannes Hultgren brilliantly quoted at a recent Pocketgamer session: “AdInMo ads don’t piss off our players!”

Studio: Alive Games
Genre: Action
OS: Android

Parkour 3D Runner

Parkour 3D Runner’s ragdoll physics – a realistic simulation of the character’s behaviour during falls that gives a dynamic experience.

The native InGamePlay brand ads add to true to life animation.


Studio: WB Studios
Genre: Racing
OS: Android

Touring Car Racing

In this touring car racing game players can race with other players or AI bots.

WB Studios has placed InGamePlay brand ads throughout the race track as well as on overhead billboards to maximize viewability and give an authentic track experience to the game.


A better way to game

A better way to game

The call to arms of NSPCC’s inaugural Game Safe Festival was ‘to help build a safer online world for young people’....

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