Game Spotlight: 100 Doors Escape from Prison from Peaksel

Apr 22, 2022

With 100 Doors: Escape from Prison, Peaksel have unlocked the secret to a great InGamePlay ad integration.

The game is a classic escape-the-room style puzzler with a gritty prison twist, where players must scheme their way to a solution in each cell, each conundrum they solve bringing them closer to their ultimate escape.

In-Game Advertising Integration

The ads that Peaksel have placed in the game are both natural and practical, taking the form of framed pictures on the walls of the various cells the player must escape from. These blend nicely into the background in each level, while also delivering consistent, reliable impressions throughout gameplay. In the video below, we take a detailed look at what they’ve done:


Rewarding players and privacy is rewarding

Rewarding players and privacy is rewarding

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