Game Spotlight: Horror Hospital 2 from Heisen Games

Oct 28, 2022

Horror Hospital 2 is a horror survival game set in an eerie abandoned hospital where a multitude of peril awaits the player. 

Created by Heisen Games, it was released earlier this year and is a sequel to the original hit title Horror Hospital from 2016 and has already received over 26 million downloads.  

Heisen Games chose to integrate AdInMo’s InGamePlay brand ads into Horror Hospital 2 to help boost their game monetization. We caught up with Co-Founder Hakan İnce to ask him about his integration experience and his thoughts on in-game advertising.

What was your main inspiration for choosing to monetize your game with InGamePlay brand advertising?

Horror has always been a popular genre both in film and game industries. In 2014 when we developed our first game, there weren’t many horror games for mobile and we wanted to use this opportunity. After Horror Hospital was published, we received a lot of  good feedback and  demand for a second game. We can say that our players were our biggest inspiration for creating Horror Hospital 2. In this game we continued the series story and chose a thrilling investigation in an old hospital.

As mobile game players we know that advertisements that interrupt gameplay are really overwhelming. Especially in a horror game where the player doesn’t want to break out of that magic circle. That is why we think in-game advertising is more convenient for our Horror Hospital games.

Tell us about your experience integrating the AdInMo SDK into Horror Hospital 2?

Integration of InGamePlay ads was really easy to understand and apply. The CrossPromo feature is also a great way to showcase our other games.  As Horror Hospital is a game series, we can let the players know there is more in the series.

We try to put the right ads in the right places by considering design, color and harmony aspects. InGamePlay ads are more convenient since they don’t not interrupt the gameplay.


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