Game Spotlight: Virtual Droid 2 from Castry Games

Mar 18, 2022

In Virtual Droid 2, Castry Games showcases the potential of a mobile Metaverse in a game that lets players immerse themselves in a range of zones and interact with others online.

Here, we discuss their experience monetizing with AdInMo’s SDK and their thoughts on in-game advertising.

In-Game Advertising Integration

InGamePlay ads are  well integrated into Virtual Droid 2, in a way that both feels natural for the player, and gives great ad placement coverage. The game is split into different zones, such as the Beach and the School, and ads have been distributed across each of these to ensure that wherever the player is hanging out, there’s a good chance they’ll be seeing an ad. The ads are well-framed, appearing as large billboards or framed posters on walls, which both improves their visual appeal, and makes them fit authentically in the game world.

What were the inspirations behind Virtual Droid 2?

The main idea was a game where you could socialize in a simple way but with the feature of being able to be the character you want. Currently any player can import an avatar of whatever they want, and this allows you to meet very peculiar avatars since they can show the imagination of the users. The game’s next release will include new features such as fun jobs, missions and mini-games.

What was your strategy when placing AdInMo ads in Virtual Droid 2?

We placed the ads in the busiest places on the map. There are certain places where players like to be more, and we took advantage of those locations to place the advertising.

How do you think in-game advertising compares to traditional mobile game ads?

The difference is much more positive, since traditional advertisements tend to annoy and generate displeasure in some players. On the other hand, in-game advertising is something pleasant for the user since it avoids the obligatory pauses that conventional advertisements bring, and the interaction with the user is not mandatory. This type of 3D ad is very user-friendly.

Some players have started taking photos with the AdInMo ads in Virtual Droid 2, can you tell us a bit about this trend?

Since I integrated Adinmo’s ads in 3D, users have reacted very positively since seeing them in a non-intrusive way. This causes users to pay more attention to the ads, because several users in conventional ads are only waiting to press the close ad button to continue the game and your attention is focused on the close button, but with these ads that isn’t the case. Players are engaging directly with InGamePlay ads, posing their characters in front of the billboards etc. and sharing on social media, which is great for the game and also the advertisers.


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