How Equativ is levelling-up its gaming marketplace with in-game advertising

Jul 11, 2023

With approximately 3 billion gamers worldwide, the gaming market surpasses the combined size of the TV and Music industries. Projections indicate that gaming revenues are expected to reach nearly $350 billion by 2027.

The IAB has made significant strides in establishing definitions and standards for measuring in-game advertising and debunking myths around gaming formats. But as gaming ad formats move beyond the education phase, how can advertisers turn stats and knowledge into actionable strategies?

In this episode of InSideInGameInSights, AdInMo’s demand advisor Yasin Debahlia chats to Andrew Cassin, Senior Director at Equativ, one of the key ad tech companies leaning into gaming formats, to take a deep-dive into what’s required to accelerate the adoption of gaming as a media channel and help advertisers harness the true power of in-game advertising.

Key takeaways

  • Programmatic is the perfect testing ground for brands to explore gaming as a media channel

Programmatic delivery of in-game advertising makes it easier for brands to invest as little or as much as they like and be able to track and measure their campaigns in the exact same way as they would with other programmatically available media channels. This instills trust and transparency as brands have a clear understanding of what games their ads are appearing in. 

  • It’s all about the audiences

Investing budgets in in-game advertising allows brands to access curated gaming packages through contextual targeting and demographic indexing which makes it easier for brands to access  hard-to-reach audiences in a cookieless world.

  • Attention metrics will push wider adoption of in-game in a world without clicks

In-game is primed to push the boundaries when it comes to consumer engagement as advertisers move away from clicks and viewability into attention. Andrew and Yas discuss what does attention mean for in-game formats and how advertisers can use attention to make more informed decisions about the effectiveness of ad campaigns.

  • What does ‘premium’ mean in gaming?

Premium is a term that’s often used but lacks a clear definition and can be subjective. Premium has a whole new definition when it comes to gaming where the quality of the gameplay and relevancy of the ad to the environment matter just as much as the actual game name or publisher. 

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