How many media touchpoints are in your day?

Jul 31, 2023

Demand Advisor, Yasin Dabhelia talks about why gaming is an essential touchpoint in an omnichannel media plan.

In the ever-expanding realms of digital advertising, the gaming industry is becoming a formidable force with in-game formats consistently featuring in the list of ‘emerging channels’ alongside CTV, DOOH and audio. While today in-game ad spend in the US currently accounts for less than 6% of total digital advertising spend, gaming advertising revenues are projected to skyrocket to $130 billion by 2025, driven in-part by media planners’ recognition that gaming is a channel where consumers spend a lot of time. 

As the digital space becomes increasingly saturated, brands are seeking more meaningful ways to connect with their target audiences, acknowledging that attention is a scarce and fleeting commodity. Innovative brands are embracing gaming as an essential aspect of a consumer’s daily consumer journey, with more and more marketers realising the channel’s inherent value as part of their omnichannel spend. 

Most consumers of today embark on a daily journey through a myriad of digital touchpoints and advertising experiences:

Sounds like a noisy advertising landscape right? But the audience is in control of the media and ready to engage when it’s the right ad at the right time . The true power of an omnichannel marketing approach lies in its ability to penetrate diverse audiences when and where the consumers are, instead of expecting consumers to come to the brand. 

As gaming continues its meteoric rise as a powerful advertising medium, it’s becoming an essential touchpoint on the media plan for those advertisers embracing an omnichannel marketing approach to connect with their target audience. 

Yasin Dabhelia

AdInMo, Demand Advisor


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