InSideInGameInSights with Tiffany Keller

Mar 23, 2023

Episode 1 of our shiny new industry insight series, InSideInGameInSights is out now! 

Each month Team AdInMo will be chatting to gaming and advertising experts about their expert experiences and views on ever-evolving the digital advertising and monetization landscape.  

In this episode, Herman Khabazov, from our games team and former SayGames manager spoke to Tiffany Keller, Product Director at Scopely. Tiffany is a leading ads and gaming product developer, writer and speaker who previously directed product for Sybo’s Subway Surfers, Forbes’ most downloaded game of the decade.  

Tiffany of course has a tonne of amazing insights to share… so much so we’ve had to make two episodes from Herman and Tiffany’s fireside chat! In part one we asked Tiffany about monetization trends and ad formats.

Key takeaways

Privacy changes and the absence of data available on players that previously helped monetization managers make decisions on ad spend forced adaptation. Building a lasting relationship between players is more important as focus shifts from a player’s demographics to how players behave inside the game itself.

“You are going to serve either ads or IAPs to your players based on information about what they do in your game, not outside of your game – how can you do that in the most helpful and player friendly way possible?”

When considering a hybrid monetization strategy to minimize issues around cannibalisation and player churn you need to consider how suitable your game is and that’s  on genre, audience and how flexible your game’s economy is.

Experimenting with new ad monetization and testing strategies is highly recommended. Not only to prevent technical issues which spoil player immersion, but also because you are fundamentally changing the way the player interacts with your game and how they value their time spent playing vs. purchasing vs. watching.

Watch the interview on our YouTube channel now and don’t miss episode 2 of InsideInGameInSights where we talk about brand safety and future ad formats.

Watch the full interview.


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