InSideInGameInSights with Valerio Sudrio, Director of Product Management at Usercentrics

Sep 6, 2023

GDPR has been around for a while now, but often remains the domain of DPOs, lawyers and marketing types. However, understanding data protection regulatory frameworks and managing user consent is also a crucial aspect of app monetization.

Episode 5 of InSideInGameInSights explores the importance for developers to ensure best practice for collecting, storing, and passing privacy choices and user consent to an ad monetization stack.

AdInMo recently announced its partnership with Usercentrics, a consent management platform. The Usercentrics SDK helps game and other app app developers comply with GDPR and other global privacy regulations by providing a user and developer-friendly interface to collect and manage user consent for vendors.

The Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) is an advertising industry initiative by IAB Europe. It is a tool to help facilitate best practice in the programmatic advertising ecosystem.  

As Global TCF Vendors both AdInMo and Usercentrics support the latest version of the framework (2.2).  At its core, the TCF string allows advertisers to trust that user consent was given and managed according to the best practices set out by the framework. Many EU and UK advertisers simply will not monetize users without receiving proof of user consent via the TCF string. 

I recently chatted to Valerio Sudrio, to tackle the big question: Why does consent for in-game advertising matter? Here are some key takeaways from our chat.

  • AdInMo sees 3x to 10x increases in monetization KPIs such as bid rates and eCPMs, for EU players of games that have a TCF string
  • TCF enables transparency and consent across the programmatic advertising value chain, increasing app monetization while respecting user privacy choices.
  • User consent is not only a regulatory requirement, but a way to build trust and loyalty with your players.
  • A CMP is much more than a pop-up or banner. It is a tool that helps you collect, store, and pass user consent to third party technologies that you use in your app.

Watch the full discussion here: [embed video here]

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