Interview with Brendan Carney from Asobu

Oct 7, 2022

We recently caught up with Brendan Carney, the Founder and CEO of Asobu.

Brendan is a digital advertising veteran, including roles at Microsoft and Yahoo charting both the birth of programmatic and the evolution of digital ads.

We asked Brendan’s the following questions:

  • Why did you set up Asobu?
  • Why is now such a great time for advertisers to get involved with in-game advertising? What impact and successes have you seen?
  • Do you think immersive in-game advertising will replace traditional banner ads in games? And how do you see media buying evolving for games?
  • On a geographical basis, have you seen any differences in terms of adoption of in-game advertising?
  • AdInMo has been part of the in-game advertising taskforce with IAB and MRC to set a new standard for in-game advertising measurement. How important is this for advertisers?
  • How can in-game advertising help advertisers who are  currently navigating ecosystem changes e.g. around user tracking?
  • What are the main barriers or concerns advertisers may have when it comes to advertising in games e.g. brand safety? How can the industry help overcome these?
  • What’s your prediction for in-game advertising in 12 months time?

Watch the full interview.

About Asobu

Asobu is an in-game advertising exchange,  connecting the fragmented supply from all major tech vendors across hundreds of games with millions of gamers throughout the world. Access the maximum reach of in-game ad inventory programmatically via a single deal ID with unified reporting and optimisation. 


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