Introducing AdInMo’s impression checker tool: optimising ad revenue before deployment

Apr 28, 2020 | Tech

For developers, placing ads in games has historically been an area of headaches and compromises. We all know that traditional in-game advertising sucks; this is exactly why AdInMo offers an alternative solution where the ads placed are non-interruptive, and are integrated directly within gameplay. This means that players’ enjoyment is not disrupted with full screen ads, and developers no longer need to force users to click out of their game in order to generate ad revenue. But the important question is, how can developers maximise their monetisation with AdInMo?

Monetising Impressionable Moments

The AdInMo SDK considers viewability metrics including size of the ad placement on screen, amount of time that the placement is viewable in the game scene, and whether the placement is occluded by other game environment objects. If the placement meets and passes these tests during gameplay, AdInMo considers it a valid impressionable moment. It is therefore in the developers best interest to ensure that the ad placements are visible and unobstructed in order to maximise monetisation.

Impression Checker Tool

Usually, while a game is in development it is difficult to spot if ad placement is going to create a valid impression versus an invalid impression. AdInMo’s patent-pending impression checker tool solves this problem, saving developers the guesswork. The impression checker tool allows game developers to easily detect if an ad placement will likely generate a valid impression, by running the same impression viewability tests during development that would run in a live game. 

Green indicates a valid impression.

And red indicates an invalid impression.


Problem Solved

Using AdInMo’s impression checker tool, game developers can take away the guesswork and make more revenue by ensuring that in-game placements will generate valid impressions.


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