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AdInMo was founded to make in-game advertising better for everyone developers, advertisers and, most importantly, players. Join us on our journey to scale InGamePlay  globally.We’re a global distributed team and fully embrace today’s remote working world. We have a virtual office called AdInMo Towers in Gather.town which includes a bar for our regular Happy Hour, picnic tables and a meat room (don’t ask).
Team AdInMo also meets up in person at our HQ in beautiful Edinburgh and other hubs, at industry events plus we bring together the entire Team in the annual company meet-up. We want to hire people who will share our passion about making player experience better and want to develop their careers in adtech and game monetization. We strive to foster continuous learning whilst making sure work life is also fun and promote a culture where everyone can be themselves. Onboarding to Team AdInMo includes:

Choosing your preferred equipment

Adding your favourites songs to AdInMix Playlist

A visit to HQ

Memorising the release schedule named after Atari Classics

And answering the key onboarding question: Cat or Dog (you can’t be both..)

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AdInMo Developer Shoutout

AdInMo Developer Shoutout

Check out these top-notch mobile games that are turning in-game advertising into an art form!  InGamePlay integrations from NOXGAMES, Promotion Software and Smokoko are visual proof ads can actually enhance gameplay, as well as providing incremental revenue.  Let's...

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