July Developer Shoutout

Jul 30, 2021 | Developer

Each month we want to give kudos to our developer community. Mobile games development is a fine balance between designing the best games, keeping players happy and paying the bills. We get it. These are the developers pioneering the use of immersive ads in their games and reaping the monetization uplift rewards. We salute you!

Drift and Race Mania

Studio: WB Studios
Genre: Racing
OS: Android

In Drift and Race Mania, the player must master the art of drifting in order to navigate their way around a variety of twisty tracks. Winning races will grant you money to invest in new and better cars, in this fast-paced mobile racer.

The InGamePlay ads present in this game feel very natural, mirroring the way that ad billboards line the sides of race tracks in real life to give the player an authentic experience, and the devs some extra revenue.

Studio: Avega Games
Genre: Action/Adventure
OS: Android/IOS


Find out if you have what it takes to survive the apocalypse in Tegra, an action-packed survival game from Avega Games. Scavenge supplies and weapons, and take on otherworldly monsters as you explore a rich and colourful 3D world.

Avega Games have built InGamePlay ads into the game in a clever way, concentrating them on the walls of the interiors of buildings, so they make sense to the player, and don’t overwhelm the experience.

Studio: Burter Butter

Beans Studio
Genre: Simulation
OS: Android

Bitcoin PC Builder

Immerse yourself in the latest tech trend with Bitcoin PC Builder, a simulation game that captures the intoxicating complexity of the PC building/bitcoin mining scene, tasking the player with putting together the optimal rig for generating crypto currency.

While simple, BurterButterBeans Studio’s approach to InGamePlay ad placement here is effective, with a constant ad in the corner generating revenue for the duration of the play session.


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