Maximise Value and Vision with Cross Promotion

Aug 17, 2022

The ability to programmatically deliver brand ads in your game drives monetization and improves player retention; but now you can also use AdInMo’s in-game ad placements to help with your user acquisition.

Games are obviously one of the big spenders when it comes to ad monetization, but AdInMo has always believed that they don’t deliver a good experience: a clickable ad that forces your players to leave your game in favour of a competitor’s. But what if it was your own game? 

Enter our shiny new Cross Promotion tool. 

You can now upload your own ad creatives to promote games across your portfolio and run campaigns via your in-game advertising placements, completely free of charge.

UA, Your Way

This expands the utility of your ad placements in a crucial way; now, in addition to providing incremental revenue gains, they can also provide incremental UA. Got a new game launching? Set up your AdInMo-integrated games with cross promos and build brand awareness. Got an older title with a declining user base? Set up cross promotion campaigns in your better performing games,and keep players playing within your portfolio.

As part of AdInMo’s 100% fill policy, for geos or sessions where placements are not driving incremental ARPDAU, Cross Promo ads will step in and add extra value to every ad placement in your games, helping you establish a solid network of games promoting one another, building up your player loyalty. 

With CPI’s soaring, it’s never been more expensive to acquire new users for your game, and it’s never been more important to leverage the power of brand awareness in order to balance monetization and acquisition costs. AdInMo’s Cross Promotion feature lets you do this, in an easy and convenient way. 

Take Control

Very much part of AdInMo’s developer Choice & Control Commitment, the Cross Promotion feature lets you fine-tune your game’s presentation. You can look at each of your placements and balance the layout and colours of the cross promotion ads you upload against them, ensuring a nice fit whenever they’re delivered. This lets you get creative with the way you design your Cross Promotion ads, and the way you place your ad placements.

Cross promotion is now available for free to all users of the AdInMo SDK. You can download the latest version here.


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