Team AdInMo’s Top 10 Mobile & PC Games of 2022

Dec 19, 2022

This year has been another smash for new game releases. The much anticipated God of War: Ragnarok did not fail to deliver its best title in the series and who can forget the enormous success of Elden Ring released earlier in 2022?  

Every year we ask Team AdInMo to shortlist their favourite mobile games. For 2022, the shortlist  includes PC games to celebrate AdInMo adding PC support to our InGamePlay SDK in 2022. Here are the results of our top 10 games in no particular order.

Yurii, Platform Engineer

Game: Red Dead Redemption 2

Format: PC Game

Developer: Rockstar Games

Although it’s not a new game for 2022, it’s been my favourite game to play this year. It gives you a true wild west atmosphere where you can roam wherever you want and be as good or bad as you like! Only you get to decide what to do each day: wash a horse, rob a bank, hijack a train or hunt some wild boar for a new hat.

Reece, Ad Ops Director

Game: Fork & Sausage

Format: Mobile Game

Publisher: SayGames

This hyper casual game ticks all the boxes for me. The gameplay is really fun and you get to customize your sausage with little hats, tashes and seductive eyes… Best of all I can play it with one hand, type my reports with the other hand and still feel like a winner.

Andrii, Systems Architect

Game: Dota2

Format: PC Game

Developer: Valve Corporation

There were some great games released this year but I still found myself playing my favourite game of all time; Dota2. I’ve spent more than a decade on it both playing and watching. I don’t like classic sports, but could spent hours watching Dota2 tournaments or even just turn on someone’s live Twitch stream just to watch them play the game.

Lewis, Senior Business Development Manager

Game: Stumble Guys

Format: Mobile

Developer: Kitka Games

This massive multiplayer knockout game is simple to play but totally chaotic and I’ve been mastering it throughout this year. Very frustrating but boy do you feel good on that rare occasion when you beat your 10 year old son.

Kevin, Account Manager

Game: Halo Infinite

Format: PC Game

Developer: 343 Industries

Although the release hasn’t been perfect and is very unfinished it is the game I have had most fun on this year. I have played Halo since 2007 and just enjoy the games, storyline and multiplayer functionality.I’m hoping that the game continues to get better and better in 2023.

Alina,  Account Manager

Game: Detroit: Become Human

Format: PC Game

Developer: Quantic Dream

My favorite game of the year is Detroit: Become Human.

The scenario is exciting to play out as the path of the whole game is dependent on the choices you make. The game keeps you in suspense throughout all levels, moreover you don’t have an exact final. The characters and locations are spectacular.

Herman, Product Manager

Game: Scorn (2022)

Format: PC Game

Developer: Ebb Software

It’s not a G.O.T.Y for everybody, but Scorn gave me exactly what I always want to get from any game I play — a new experience. It is grim, dark and macabre but also unusual, terrific from a design perspective and brilliant in its own unique way. You can describe the game in a few words as “extremely disturbing”, but for me personally it also was extremely exciting to explore.

Kristina, Ad Ops Manager

Game: Grid Autosport

Format: PC Game

Developer: Codemasters

When playing games on my phone I prefer games that are quick action ones like Clash Royale. But if I have more time and I’m in the mood then it will definitely be a racing game because it’s one of my favorite things in real life. This year I’ve particularly enjoyed playing Grid Autosport.

James Murphy, SDK Engineer

Game: Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Format: PC Game

Developer: TT Games, Traveller’s Tales

So my fav game of the year has got to be the Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga. Mainly because I used to play the original Lego Star Wars games when I was younger and this is a remake of the originals but as an open world. It’s just really relaxing exploring the scenes and finding collectables.


Jo, Digital Marketing Manager

Game: Stray

Format: PC Game

Developer: BlueTwelve Studio

Publisher: Annapurna Interactive

Stray is a story based adventure game about a cat navigating its way through a strange city of robots and mutant bacteria with help from his little drone companion. This game is by far my favourite of the year, with its beautiful story line and puzzles to solve in rich environments. The best feature for me is the utterly cute and playful interactions you get with the cat without the real life litter box to clean out.


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