Who is Team AdInMo? Part 3: Technical Support

Sep 29, 2022

Supporting our global developer community is always top of the agenda for Team AdInMo.

In the latest installment of the team interviews, we chat with Kiril Rusanov, Technical Support Engineer about helping AdInMo’s developer and publisher community monetize with in-game advertising.

What is your role at AdInMo?

Hi, my name is Kiril and I work in Technical Support

Describe a typical day at work

Each morning I participate in both the dev and supply stand-ups because as technical support I need to be on top of both the release schedule and customer onboarding. I’m the first point of contact for our developer community and so a typical day always includes checking our ticketing system and engaging with developers. This can be developers in our beta programme e.g. when we’re testing new products and features or answering any technical queries a developer may have.

We work with publishers and developers around the world so it’s great to chat with them or point them in the right direction for documentation and tutorials which I also help create. I also provide technical support to our ad ops team so while I am very focused on making our SDK developer friendly and our customer service best in class, then it’s also fun to work with other teams and learn more about the campaign side of things.

What do you want to achieve in the next 12 months?

Improve my skills and also acquire new ones, such as knowledge in new tools, new techniques, new ways of doing my job and to be as efficient as possible. Maybe a little bit of coding? AdInMo has a Performance Development Framework that encourages us to set our own goals and try new things.

What is your favorite all-time game/what game are you currently playing?

That’s a difficult question ? There is one that I could play any time and it’s definitely on the top of my all-time favorite games list, and that’s Heroes of Might and Magic 3 – the complete edition. I’ve just recently finished my Witcher marathon, finishing all 3 games with their expansions and I’m currently playing Surviving Mars.

What game character would you most like to be?

Well, he’s not quite a game character but following my recent Witcher experience I’d say I’d want to be more like Gerald – he does not hesitate or overthink. But just in that aspect, I’d skip the whole Trial of the Grasses if possible ?

What has been your best Team AdInMo moment so far?

The team organised a fundraising event to support humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. my first company event, we were all together and for a good cause. Also, our Friday Happy Hour is nice by default – it gives us a chance to relax at the end of a busy week and of course, do something fun together even if it is just online.

Finally, a topic much debated at AdInMo: Cats or Dogs?

Dogs. Dogs are better because they can have their own mind of course but can be loyal and a good friend. Cats on the other hand are like a relative who came in to visit for a week and stayed for 6 months and you just have to put up with it, because your mum said ‘he’s family’. 


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