When the hat fits: AdInMo appoints industry veteran John Rankin as Chief Revenue Officer as part of leadership expansion

Feb 14, 2024

Industry veteran is a much overused term but AdInMo’s latest executive appointment truly fits the moniker bringing extensive games and advertising industry experience. John rejoins Team AdInMo to head-up commercial strategy for the in-game advertising platform.

We’re super delighted to announce the appointment of well-known industry name, John Rankin as our Chief Revenue Officer. John brings decades of experience from both game studios and the demand-side including at Smaato and as MD at Outfit7.

John has been part of Team AdInMo since 2020, as Chief Commercial Officer where he was responsible for establishing key programmatic partnerships and publisher relationships and more recently as part of the AdInMo’s strategic advisory board.

As CRO he will be responsible for driving the commercial strategy, partnerships and revenue growth across all formats. AdInMo recently announced its expansion into in-game audio, having hired former Azerion and Targetspot exec Adam Pattison.

A key focus for John and the rest of the commercial team is to build partnerships focused on AdInMo’s hybrid monetization capabilities with mobile game publishers and programmatic partnerships that enable in-game advertising to reach diverse audiences through contextual and behavioural targeting.

AdInMo CEO and co-founder Kristan Rivers says: “John has been at the forefront of mobile and digital entertainment for many years. He’s always got his eye on the prize, and has been a trusted advisor of AdInMo for several years.

“The monetization landscape evolves continually as publishers tackle market and regulatory shifts. In-game advertising is an immersive solution for monetization and retention, always looking to add value to the player experience and deliver relevant audiences for advertisers.”

John adds, “While no one loves the tag industry veteran, bringing together 20+ years experience in ad monetization it does feel like I’m coming home. At Outfit7, I launched Bee7 to help developers make profitable games and rolled out innovative new monetization solutions including for cross promotion and a universal rewarded in-game currency.

“This same approach, working across player, developer and advertiser ecosystems and the ability to deliver the best experience for all communities is AdInMo’s biggest strength. Our roadmap, whether that be AdInMo’s PlayerPersonaFramework or innovative formats such as Rewarded InGamePlay, delivers multiple opportunities for partnerships to make in-game advertising a key monetization tool for developers and an effective media channel for advertisers,” says John. 


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