AdInMo extends supply-side network with Mobfox integration

Dec 10, 2020 | News

AdInMo integration opens new channel for Mobfox clients to target mobile gaming 

AdInMo, the mobile InGamePlay Brands Ads platform, has completed an integration with global programmatic advertising SSP, Mobfox, extending AdInMo’s supply-side network and providing Mobfox’s global advertiser clients with a new channel to target mobile games audiences. 

AdInMo’s in-game ad units blend seamlessly with the game experience, enabling brands to serve click-free ads which interact with players in an authentic manner. As a result, AdInMo ads typically achieve 4X higher brand recall rates and greater viewability times for advertisers. 

Through AdInMo’s Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) approved formats, Mobfox clients can now target mobile gaming audiences across all game genres, both programmatically and through Private Marketplace (PMP) buying. 

In particular, the integration will enable Mobfox’s clients to better engage hard-to-reach audiences including the cord-cutting generations. For example, Gen Z makes up a third of the world’s population and spends more time playing mobile games than any other generation. 

Kristan Rivers, CEO and Founder of AdInMo, commented: “We’re excited to be able to add Mobfox to our growing network of digital ad exchange partners as demand continues to build for in-game mobile advertising inventory.

“In-game ad formats from AdInMo drive huge brand recall and viewability without interrupting gameplay and so delivers wins for advertisers, developers and players.”

Chaim Berko, Supply Partnerships Lead at Mobfox, added: “Partnering with AdInMo means we’re able to add an exciting new channel to our digital ad inventory, giving our clients access to the highly desirable audiences which are prevalent in mobile games.

I believe the future of the mobile advertising industry relies with this innovative ad serving, as AdInmo’s technology provides. It allows our demand partners to serve ads to the most appealing users in a more seamless and intuitive approach.”


About Mobfox 

Mobfox is a world leading mobile SSP platform, providing programmatic ad serving and monetization services. We connect publishers and SDK partners with demand, exchanges, and DSPs from around the globe. 

With our tech-at-heart and customer-oriented approach, we are collaborating with noticeable partners from the advertising industry, in a mission to maximize potential and performance.


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