Game Spotlight: Motor Tour from Wolves Interactive

Jan 5, 2023

Wolves Interactive specializes in free to play mobile games with a large portfolio of globally successful titles, including several driving simulator games. Their first mobile game, Traffic Tour Car Racing Game achieved over 27 million downloads.

Earlier in 2022, the team integrated the AdInMo SDK into their endless arcade racing game, Motor Tour,.to bring intrinsic in-game advertising into their monetization mix.  The game, available on Android and iOS, includes high adrenaline driving simulations with high-quality graphics on every level and its real-world environments make it ideal for immersive ads . We spoke to Wolves Interactive about their experience integrating InGamePlay brand ads into Motor Tour.

Give us a short history of Motor Tour

Motor Tour is a free-to-play racing game. It was first shown on stage at the Google Play Store in July 2020, and launched on Apple App Store two months later. To date Motor Tour has achieved more than 14M downloads across both platforms.

What was the main inspiration for the game?

We wanted to create a unique motorcycle racing game with a variety of missions, smooth driving experience and high quality graphics. Motor Tour takes the endless racing genre to a new level with many different modes such as “Career”, “Online” and “VS Friend”.


Why did you decide to try in-game advertising as a relevant monetization channel for your game?

We always try to find a better way for ad monetization to improve the user experience in our games.  One of the best alternatives to interstitial ads is in-game ads because it is relatively easy to set up, more user-friendly, offers more control over ad placements and is a better integration with the game’s original content and textures.

How was your experience integrating InGamePlay ads into your game?

In general, it was a good experience. The AdInMo SDK  is easy to set up and the performance impact is minimal.


What are your thoughts on using Video ads in your game?

Of course video ads are more vibrant! We started using Video Ads on one of our other titles with AdInMo and now we are considering enabling this feature  in more of our other titles soon.


What is your ad placement strategy?

We measure the best spot for adding an in-game placement and always  try to complete the scene using the in-game placement.


How do you think in-game advertising compares to other monetization formats

In-game advertising is more user-friendly and as it doesn’t interfere with player experience it is an advantage for the game developer.


Play Motor Tour from Wolves Interactive.

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