Introducing Immersive In-Game Audio Ads

Mar 28, 2024

In the fast-evolving landscape of digital advertising, innovative and non-intrusive formats are becoming increasingly sought after by both brands and developers. InGamePlay audio ads are available as an exciting new feature of our latest SDK release. 

In this video our Product Director, Adam Pattison, explores the potential of audio advertising and its positive impact on both the developer and player experience. 

The need for innovation in In-Game Advertising 

As the digital advertising space continues to evolve, developers are facing challenges such as rising operational costs and declining eCPMs across standard ad formats. The ongoing deprecation of device identifiers makes it essential for developers to explore new avenues for monetization and brand engagement within their games.

Immersive in-game formats that don’t interrupt gameplay give mobile game developers new ways to monetize their games, and it’s essential we continually innovate and evolve these formats driven by developer and player feedback.

We’re really excited to add audio ads to our product suite and that we support multi-formats all from our single InGamePlay SDK. Audio ads allow players to seamlessly continue their gameplay without any interruptions, while also offering higher eCPMs compared to standard banner CPMs. Moreover, audio advertising provides developers with a non-intrusive way to integrate ads into natural breaks in the game, such as level restarts, ensuring a harmonious gaming experience.

Enhanced Brand Engagement and Reach

One of the key advantages of audio advertising lies in its ability to reach incremental audiences for advertisers beyond the traditional audio platforms such as radio, podcasts, and music streaming services. The mobile gaming ecosystem offers a diverse and widespread audience, presenting an opportunity for brands to engage with consumers in a new and immersive way. Studies have consistently shown that audio advertising drives high brand message recall and positive emotional brand favourability, further underscoring its potential to create impactful brand experiences within games.

AdInMo’s approach to audio advertising is centered on delivering a player-centric experience while providing effective advertising solutions. The integration of a simple and elegant ad unit, accompanied by a non-intrusive visual signifier, ensures that players are informed about the audio format without disrupting their gameplay. Moreover, the requirement for device volume and the implementation of a cooldown period for audio ads demonstrate a commitment to maintaining the integrity and impact of the format, ultimately prioritizing the player’s experience.  

Looking Ahead: The Future of Audio Advertising in Games

The latest release of AdInMo’s SDK is just the beginning of the potential that audio advertising has in-game. The unique variety of advertising placements available through the SDK, ranging from static billboard-style ads to dynamic and immersive audio-visual experiences, opens up a realm of possibilities for both advertisers and developers.  

The emergence of audio advertising represents a significant shift in the way brands engage with players and the opportunities for developers to monetize their games effectively. With its non-intrusive, player-centric approach and potential for enhanced brand engagement, audio advertising is poised to become a game-changer.

Read more about the new features in our latest SDK release


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