Learn How to Design In-Game Ad Placements at PocketGamer Connects Digital #8

Sep 10, 2021 | Events, Insights

Team AdInMo is back at Pocket Gamer Connects this month and our resident Head of Game Design,  Nathan Ball, will be sharing best practice recommendations for developers looking to integrate in-game advertising into their games.

How to design in-game ad placements

Imagine if you could have the best of both worlds: Strong monetization and ads that don’t annoy your players. InGamePlay brand advertising is served directly into the gameplay itself seamlessly integrated like any other game object.

This session walks you through best practices when designing in-game ad placements. Learn about the key principles behind generating viewable ad impressions and how to optimize your ad monetization without impacting churn.

Check out some of Nathan’s content on YouTube including our InGamePlay Review series featuring developers who have already started monetizing with InGamePlay brand ads.

InGamePlay Design Guide


InGamePlay Review




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