October Developer Shoutout

Oct 29, 2021 | Developer, Insights

Each month we want to give kudos to our developer community. Mobile games development is a fine balance between designing the best games, keeping players happy and paying the bills. We get it. These are the developers pioneering the use of immersive ads in their games and reaping the monetization uplift rewards. We salute you!

Stealth Master

Studio: SayGames
Genre: Action
OS: Android/IOS

In Stealth Master, the player dons the mask and katana of a master assassin, sneakily slashing their way through floors of henchmen in pursuit of their big targets.

SayGames have done a stellar job with their InGamePlay integration here, placing a variety of well-blended ads that are cleverly placed on critical routes through the game.

Studio: Mayhem Studios
Genre: Driving
OS: Android

Doctor Robot: Animal Rescue

Become Doctor Robot, and embark on a mission to help the world’s animals in a compelling mix of driving and on-foot gameplay.

InGamePlay ads appear atop the tall buildings of the game’s cities, delivering an ad experience that also further develops the game’s visual world.

Studio: MudGames

Genre: Sports
OS: Android

Mini Mobile Soccer

Feel the rush of the beautiful game as you kick your way to victory in Mini Mobile Soccer. Make on-the-fly tactical decisions and turn the tides of each match as you aim for World Cup glory.

The game’s setting, a football stadium, lends itself perfectly to InGamePlay ads, allowing Mud Games to place ads on signs around the pitch in a very natural way, as well as on the game’s menu screen.


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