Playing cards? Drinks cans? Balls? Where will your in-game ad go?

Mar 31, 2021 | Insights

Interview with Chris Wright, CTO at AdInMo

When thinking about contextual mobile game ads, developers have to answer one fundamental question: where should the ads go?

There are some obvious answers. If it’s a racing game, create some trackside banners and put them there.

The problem is, not every title is a sports game with a ready-made billboard.

This is something AdInMo has thought a lot about. In this video interview with Chris Wright, CTO at AdInMo, he reveals how the company is working on some innovative solutions to making InGamePlay brand advertising work for all genres.

“It’s one thing to place an ad in a sports game,” he says. “But these are a tiny percentage of the games that are out there. .

 “We have an in-house game design team that helps developers define where exactly the ads can go. There are some obvious ideas: the backs of cards for example or the hoardings behind a fashion model.

Chris adds that AdInMo is also building new tools that will improve the ad placement options even further. These include the ability to wrap an ad around a spherical object (such as a ball) or a cylindrical item (such as a drink can).

He says: “As InGamePlay brand advertising evolves there will be more and more ready-made objects. And we’ll make it easy for developers to drop them into their games. “

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