Team AdInMo’s Top 10 Favourite Mobile Games in 2023

Dec 20, 2023

This year, Team AdInMo’s annual debate about our favourite mobile games was more heated than ever!

2023 saw plenty of hot new titles being released including Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge but were they good enough to replace our classic heroes? 

Here are the results of our favourite mobile games we’ve been playing in 2023, in no particular order (so we didn’t start the whole debate again…!)

Kristina, Lead Programmatic Manager

Game: Royal Match


From: Dream Games

What’s great about this game is the cool graphics and catchy interactions, especially the side stuff like collecting cards for albums. I often delete new games when they get boring, but this one has stuck around in my mobile for a long time, and I don’t plan on removing it. Plus, it’s nice that you don’t need to make a bunch of purchases to enjoy playing, so it’s still fun.

Adam, Product Director

Game: Stealth Master


From: SayGames

When it comes to mobile gaming I am super casual. My schedule means I have to dip in and out and the mechanics make that possible. I feel I am progressing but I don’t need to obsess and the feedback loop I get from completing a level in a smooth, quick way is actually pretty satisfying (also love to dress my ninja how I want to!!)

Kiril, Technical Support Engineer

Game: Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes


From: Electronic Arts

I’ve been playing the same mobile game for probably the  last 7 years so it’s safe to say it’s still my all time favourite Of course I play many other great games in my role at AdInMo but I love the Star Wars community so this is a hard one to knock off my top spot.

Lewis, Supply Director

Game: Mr Bean: Special Delivery


From: Mr Bean Games

This is a great game that gets incredibly hard, fast! I personally love the InGamePlay Blimp that follows you during the game. Plus, who doesn’t like Mr Bean?

Samuel, Data Director

Game: Survive: Wilderness Survival


From: Juuso Hietalahti

I really like this game as it requires a lot of patience and strategy – both of which I have in abundance! It’s great to play whilst passing time especially when traveling or just waiting around.

Tom,  Demand Director

Game: FIFA 23


From: Electronic Arts

As a huge football buff… I’ve thoroughly enjoyed playing the new FIFA 23 Mobile game this year, relishing the freedom to play exciting matches on the go and immersing myself in its thrilling career mode features.

Sergiu, Software Engineer

Game: Clash Royale


From: Supercell

I like the concept of the game where every battle has a max of 3 mins which challenges you and the ability to test your skills, also the graphics and the design of characters are really beautiful.

Jo, Digital Marketing Manager

Game: Unsolved: Hidden Mysteries


From: Artifex Mundi

In another life I would be a detective, so this game really taps into my alter ego. If you like finding objects and solving puzzles, you’ll love this FTP mobile game. The storylines are full of drama, the graphics look great and the eerie music is spot on. 

Kevin, Account Manager

Game: 8 Ball Pool


From: Miniclip

I enjoy watching snooker and playing a bit of pool with my friends down the pub, so this is a great mobile game for me to play at home (minus the beer!)  It’s also perfect for passing the time on the train when I’m commuting to the AdInMo office in Edinburgh.


Kristan, CEO & Co-founder

Game: Mini Soccer Star


From: Touch2Goal and Viva Games

I’m not a huge soccer fan – obviously, since as an American living in the UK I still call it soccer. But I love Mini Soccer Star – right amount of humour (see that “u” there?) and great animation and graphics style. And like any real soccer fan, I quite often get annoyed at my players when they don’t play well! I downloaded the game in early 2023, and still play at least twice a day. This game is also perfect for an InGamePlay integration – they already have the billboards on the pitch.


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