Who is Team AdInMo? Part 2: Supply Team

Aug 14, 2022

Welcome to the second installment of our team interviews where we lift the hood on what it’s like to work in-game advertising.

This time we caught up with Kevin Walsh, an Account Manager in the self-named Supply Squad. Find out how Kevin and the team work with our developer community to create immersive brand experiences that drive monetization. 

What is your role at AdInMo?

Hello everyone, I am Kevin and I’m an Account Manager in AdInMo’s supply team.

Describe a typical day at work

A typical day for me at work consists of working alongside our business development team and game designers in order to make the onboarding process as smooth as possible for all of our developers. I am also the first point of contact for our partners and do regular check-ins with our publishers and developers. For example, it’s up to me to monitor games performance to make sure they are optimized for maximum monetization and make sure our developers are taking advantage of our InGamePlay SDK’s latest features. 

I love that my role allows me to work with all of the teams at AdInMo. I get to input on product, work directly with publishers & developers and love the instant ‘win’ when you see a developer integrate our SDK and start monetizing from day one.

What do you want to achieve in the next 12 months?

I interned at AdInMo during my final year at uni and joined the team as soon as I graduated because it was and is such a great experience to be able to work so closely with so many different teams. Joining a start-up from uni is an amazing opportunity and it’s exciting to track the company’s growth.  I learn every day and love  finding new ways to help evolve in-game advertising into the most sought after revenue source in mobile gaming. I used to be a pro-gamer and think immersive ads are the future! 

In the next 12 months I’m excited about our product roadmap. As the ad format and market evolves then the creative and monetization opportunities for game developers will just grow and grow, and I’m looking forward to working more closely with publishers to roll out new features across their portfolio.

What is your favorite all-time game/what game are you currently playing?

I have always played first person shooters and remember playing Medal of Honor: Rising Sun before school every morning in the 4v4 skirmish mode against the computer. That got me hooked to the genre of game and in 2007 my brother bought Halo 3 for his xbox 360 and I could never put a controller down from that point on.  That said, I do enjoy all genres of game whether it be on PC, console or mobile. Right now I am currently playing Valorant and Halo Infinite.

What game character would you most like to be?

As a Halo fanboy I’ve always loved Master Chief.. although in reality  I don’t know if I would actually like to be him as it looks like a pretty rough time out there 🙂

What has been your best Team AdInMo moment so far?

Despite being a remote working company, we have plenty of opportunities to get together when we can and that really helps getting to know colleagues who are not regularly at our headquarters. We recently did lots of fundraising for Ukraine. My teammate and I put on a quiz for our whole co-working space which was lots of fun.

Finally, a topic much debated at AdInMo: Cats or Dogs?

Sorry to all the cat lovers out there – Cats are fine, I just like dogs better, as you can actually take a dog for a walk whereas cats are more aloof. 


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