AdInMo & SmartyAds partnership connects programmatic buyers to InGamePlay brand advertising opportunities

Mar 9, 2021 | Campaigns, News

Advertisers of SmartyAds can now access AdInMo’s global mobile games ad inventory across all Smartphone devices to better engage the hard-to-reach Gen-Z and Millennial audiences. 

We recently announced a new partnership with a global programmatic advertising ad tech provider, SmartyAds. This collaboration will connect programmatic buyers around the world to exclusive audiences via mobile games.

Deeply integrated at the game design level, AdInMo’s non-intrusive InGamePlay brand advertising units blend seamlessly with the game experience, allowing brands to interact with players in an authentic manner, which results in greater awareness, recall, and viewability.

SmartyAds obtains several advantages; their advertisers can target mobile gaming audiences across all game genres with Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) compliant formats, both programmatically and through Private Marketplace (PMP) buying.

AdInMo’s platform provides a brand-safe advertising environment through which media-buyers can access diverse audiences including cord-cutting Gen-Z and Millennial audiences. These demographics are notoriously hard to reach since they typically shun traditional media and deploy ad blockers to protect their online experience.

Kristan Rivers, CEO, and Founder of AdInMo, commented: “Brands are becoming increasingly conscious of the huge potential of dynamic InGamePlay brand advertising. It is a key digital channel for targeting hard to reach audiences at scale”.

“Video and banner advertising formats already give advertisers access to mobile gamers, but the real win with InGamePlay brand ads lies in the ability to deliver 4X higher brand recall rates and greater viewability for advertisers. These ads do not interrupt gameplay and actively engage the players.”

“We’re thrilled to be able to partner with SmartyAds to make our in-game mobile ad inventory available to its brand advertisers worldwide. This will help developers to maximize the revenue potential of their games and while ensuring their players are happy.” 

Ivan Guzenko, CEO, SmartyAds, added: “We are excited to collaborate with AdInMo as it will greatly amplify our existing mobile advertising capacities. With new in-game opportunities that our partner provides, our advertisers and media-buyers will access new categories of ad inventory that will enable them to reach brand-new audiences.”

About SmartyAds

SmartyAds is global full-stack ad tech provider that specializes in developing programmatic advertising platforms for advertisers and publishers. Their omnichannel media-buying technologies are deeply integrated with the world’s best supply partners and traffic sources. SmartyAds DSP lets advertisers, media buyers, and digital marketers effectively target their audiences from a single platform across best-performing digital ad formats, devices, and platforms.


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